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ANALYSIS: "The Prancing Elites" And The Debate On (So Called) Tolerance Is A Necessary Phase In The Cycle Of Our Larger Cultural And Social Debate

Once again a reminder.
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The opening segment of the new show on the Oxygen TV network called "The Prancing Elites Project" injected an important concept that we all need to talk about: TOLERANCE (and Diversity).

"The Prancing Elites" a group of Black gay male/transsexual dance troop, modeled after the all female Jackson State University "J-Settes" showed their saga as they attempted to gain access as performers in public parades.

While other parts of the nation "accepted" their presence in these parades, "The South" showed resistance to their gender bending presence in "Family events".   In THEIR VIEW, the SOUTH NEEDED TO EVOLVE and stop their "HATRED".

I typically give the new style "Black Samboette Reality Shows" one full season of viewing in order to understand what I am dealing with.   I got through about 10 minutes of this show.

Indeed I yelled out the word "Faggots" as I watched.   But I have learned in another medium:  "When a CHRISTIAN PREACHER MAKES ME CURSE UPON HEARING HIS SERMON..................Either HE is telling me a Christian principal that I have never heard of that has rocked me so much that I AM UNWILLING TO CHANGE or, more likely - HE IS A FRAUD and the fact that HE triggered such a response out of ME while the rest of the congregation who are further ahead in their indoctrination process all failed to walk out of his church, which is the proper response.


This is NOT a post about 'God' or "Religion".
It is stunning to see so many "Fundamentalist Christians" fall for the trap that "The Oxygen Network" is being used as the vessel through which they are made to say:  "BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST MY RELIGION" when someone presses them with a blistering series of "WHY's?"

  1. "Why do you STILL feel this way?"
    "Why won't you EVOLVE?"
  2. "Why do you HATE ME when I am projecting so much LOVE into the society?"
  3. "If you are a CHRISTIAN who proclaims to FOLLOW JESUS why don't you accept me as JESUS accepted those who society discarded?"

All of these taunts are said to "Have The Other Bastard Die For His Own Country And Religion".

We need to put aside the "Jesus Magic", just as I argue that the "Mystical Magical Africa Of Our Ancient Ancestors" is an ethereal notion that prevents otherwise rational people from noting that GOVERNANCE and MANAGEMENT toward a certain societal end - IS NECESSARY, but most important ATTAINABLE - without the MAGIC that prohibits it to all but the "Prophets" who have special powers or gifts of elocution to lead people on.  (But enough about "The Reverend" Michael Eric Dyson - Jesus' Political Campaign Adviser.

The "Jedi Mind Trick" that the ideology of the people who brought us "The Prancing Elites" WANTS YOU to disarm your worldly references to "Norms" and focus upon (their version) of "LOVE, DIVERSITY AND ACCEPTANCE".

The sad part about all of this fraudulent scheme is that EVERY social scientist and human and animal psychologist would tell of the MANDATE for a society or herd to have 'NORMS" that they enforce upon everyone in the collection.

The PERVERSION is not that there are Black males projecting feminine behavior attributes, the PERVERSION IS that the forces who are projecting this want to PRETEND that those who are exhibiting backlash are the ones with THE PROBLEM.

I would condemn anyone who uses violence to push those who push the line upon "Normality", like "The Prancing Elites".    AND NO my rejection of them as being beyond my level of tolerance IS NOT giving a green light to those who do use violence.    I am no more condoning such behavior as these same critics would be willing to accept that "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" entertainers are the reason for the drug trade and the "Disappearance Of 1.5 Million Black Males" into the so called "Prison Industrial Complex"  as published in the NY Times.  

It is their use of shaming and indictment, however, that is meant to PUSH PEOPLE WHO ARE OTHERWISE WILLING TO ENFORCE 'GENDER NORMS' INTO THE CLOSET - SHUTTING UP with their criticism.  


If I think that "Nene Leaks" and the entire "Housewives" franchise is "Samboette TV", then all fruit that is produced from this tree has listeria.

Yet when you look at the selective indictments of such "Sambo figures" (see "Shawty Lo" and "All My Babies Mommas" that were seen as "Too Far" and an "Embarrassment to Black People" ) it is when you ask the same people who can catalogue their HISTORY OF OPPRESSION based upon ARBITRARY LAWS to define why "All My Babies Mamas" was rejected while the long list of other shows that are equally ignorant, yet their stars appear upon the covers of the "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang" trade rags (Ebony, Jet, Upscale, Rolling Out, Sister2Sister, Essence, and the various 'Black Hair Care' mags) - we see that it is the AMERICANIZED BLACK COMMUNITY is equal in its ability to compromise itself, based upon popular whims. (and a good marketing agent).

"Man Has Not Changed".  Only TIME And TECHNOLOGY Has Changed

I suggest to "The Prancing Elites" to "FEAR NOT".   One day "Their Team" is going to be the ESTABLISHMENT POWER and they will be the one's using so called "hatred" to marginalize those "bigoted Christian minority" into keeping their "NORMS" to their damned selves.  

It is my belief that "Man" operates upon "Millennial Cycles".  That which is built up in abundance (I heard population projects of 12 BILLION by the end of the 21st century) collapses due to social and ecological forces.

When renewal occurs - the operating principles are NOT based upon amorphous "RIGHTS" or "TOLERANCES", but upon THE COMPLIANCE THAT IS NECESSARY for the human animal and his pack to SURVIVE, lest they die.

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