Friday, July 03, 2015

Teaching Your Children Through Transitive Governance - If You Don't Get Your Friends To Respect MY HOUSE Then YOU Are Going To Suffer The Consequences

  • "Nigger"
  • "Bitch"
  • "Mother Fucker"

A house full of neighborhood kids.

I am sitting in my kitchen reading the newspaper.

I hear them upstairs on the computer.
All of a sudden some music starts playing in the background.

I THINK I hear the words above.   I let it pass because I am not sure.
Then the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" rapper - repeats the chorus.  


Visitor: "What did he say?"

Daughter: "HE SAID Turn Your iPhone Off"

When the visitors left I asked my daughter who that was playing the music.

She told me and said that she was not paying attention to what (the boy) was playing with his phone connected to her Bluetooth speaker.  She was on the computer with the (girl) who was also there.

"How is it that you were sitting right there and not hearing when I was one floor away and heard it all?"

"The last time your friends came over they broke the brick that I had outside and you didn't stop them!!"   (The paving stone that I use to keep the newspapers in the recycling bin from blowing away).   
"Do YOU go over his house and break things up?   So why do you all let your friends come over here and do things that YOU are not allowed to do at home?"

The offending teenager is a good kids.   In fact I was impressed by the fact that he came over to me and spoke to me and had a conversation about how I was doing.

I like his parents and they are fun to be around.   I can only guess that they don't have a problem with him playing this IGNORANT music aloud in their house, or else he wouldn't have done it in mine.

The next time I see him I am going to ask him about this music, tell him MY STANDARDS and then tell him about the other set of "Young Black Males" who were playing this type of music at the subdivision club house as the pool was filled with parents and their young children, enjoying a summer night in a suburban subdivision.

Unfortunately they were also SMOKING WEED in public.  Their actions drew someone to call the police.   

The failure for them to take my advice to LOOK AT YOUR SURROUNDINGS caused them to spend some time in jail, as their mother frantically watched as they were being taken away.  (She blaming the "Racist Neighborhood")

HOWEVER if she would have laid the groundwork for her sons to better appreciate the STANDARDS THAT ARE ENFORCED and to STAY WITHIN THE BOUNDS, only allowing any attention to be drawn their way due to POSITIVE EXCEPTIONALISM then my subsequent conversation with them would have been unnecessary.

In my years of observation - the retirement of strict rules of behavior might temporarily benefit those who push the edge.  IN THE LONG RUN when the community STOPS ENFORCING THESE STANDARDS and the standard LIVES DOWN TO the "Do What The Hell You Want To Do" - then the entire community implodes as those who "kept it under their breath" for "one last time" start to move and the property values plummet as it is no longer a desirable place to live.