Monday, September 07, 2015

Transhumanism & The Control Over The "Religious Scaffolding" In The Name Of Social Control - Erecting The Foundation For The New "Tower Of Babel", Assured That By The New Anchor Drilled Into Bedrock Will Keep It Standing, While Failing To See That This 'Bedrock' Itself Is Encased In Sand

The information from "Transhumanism" was retrieved from the "Subrealism" blog.
I still have more research to do before I connect my analysis that will be presented here to the owner of the "Subrealism" blog.

Ted Peters makes an astounding argument that likely flew over many people's head.

NO DOUBT that Stephens comes from the body of 'Atheistic Secularists' who dismiss today's religious order as based upon 'old myths, fables and fairy tales', YET when he talks about the way forward in the area of 'social control' in order to achieve his ends - GUESS WHAT INSTITUTION he refers to as the most effective means of achieving HIS ends?


(Brief side track, but related)

The Secular Progressive "Climate Change" Operatives Who See 'Right Wing Evangelical Christianity's' Version Of 'God' As A Threat To Their Own Goals Of Social Regulation Through Government, First Dismissed As Incredible The 'Christian Narrative', Are Now Seen Working Through The Church Scaffolding (See The Catholic Pope) As The Vehicle Through Which Their Agenda Can Be Advanced

I document the above transformation of strategy (from left to right) not to make a political point but to note the importance of INSTITUTIONS and the CO-OPTING OF EXISTING SOCIETAL RITUALS as the most effective means for change.

Absence the use of VIOLENCE to affect abrupt change, the use of institutions, propaganda and attrition (the death of old ideas as the old people die off) is the most effective tool.

One should notice, however, that the same forces that repudiate "Creationism" and "Intelligent Design" as being anti-science - are themselves not making mention of:

  • Darwin
  • Evolution
  • Adaptation
  • Survival Of The Fittest
Where as the Christian makes note of his "God and Jesus" to explain the origins of flora, fauna and mankind - the secularist who cleaves to science as his bible makes use of his own "JESUS MAGIC" - which is called TIME.  

In response to the question about ADAPTATION as the best recourse against a "Mass Extinction" due to global climate change, the 'Secular Scientist' tells you "MY GOD NEEDS MORE TIME TO ADAPT TO CHANGES IN CLIMATE.  These changes happen over TIME and are imperceptible, so we need COORDINATED CHANGES IN GOVERNMENT PUBLIC POLICY to  prevent this cataclysmic our scientific method warns about our future".

As the forces with Religious garb but Secular outcomes take in this agenda and apply the "Jesus narrative", they dispense of the charts, graphs and ice core samples that are the tools for communication in "science" and instead apply this narrative to the scaffolding in a manner more accepted by their congregation:  "JESUS Told Us To Care For The Earth And Animals That He Blessed Us With So That We Might Be Prosperous".

We SHOULD NOT base our inspection upon the words spoken from the pulpit, for they are of the same cadence but differing 'agendized thrust'.  

It is more logical to look at the reactions by the SECULAR PROGRESSIVE (former) CHURCH CRITICS, who previously vowed to remove "religious influence" from the information sources that a voting citizen draws from as he enters the voting booth to make PUBLIC POLICY DECISIONS that impact people who reside outside of his worship temple.

You will see that they are PLEASED that the force that was once a threat has now "Gotten Religion" behind their initiative and plan to use the "Church Scaffolding" to achieve these ends, that once resided in the wilderness, now canonized as official church doctrine AND "The Will Of Jesus", thanks to the constant repetition that once said to be a province of the WEAK MINDED RELIGIOUS DEPENDENTS. 

Indeed The Secular Scientists Can GET RELIGION, Putting Aside His Own 'Scientific Bible' When The Magic Trick Called "EVOLUTION" Did Not Prove To Be Reproducible At The Time When It Was Needed The Most To Affirm Their 'Scientific Method' As SUPERIOR TO RELIGIOUS MYTHOLOGY.   One just need sell them a "HEAVEN" that is in line with their worldy agenda of - SOCIETAL CONTROL 

Transhumanism Returns To Align Religion And Culture - To Achieve Its Desired Ends


When someone who is a critic of your religion in its present form, indicating that it is an aggregation of centuries of myth, theft, war, slavery and pacification of the marginalized majority - is now seen ENGINEERING A NEW USE for a "NEW RELIGION" - the debate no longer should be about "RELIGIOUS TRUTH" ("Is There A God", "Was What You Presently Believe STOLEN From Past Cultures During Conquest", "Why Does The Bible Seem To Acknowledge Slavery Rather Than Aggressively Repudiate It"?) and instead you should focus on THE POWER THAT RELIGION WIELDS TO ALIGN AN INDIVIDUAL/GROUP'S:

  • Channeled Hopes For The Future
  • Emotions And Pains
  • Willingness To Submit Themselves 
  • Affirmed Faith Via The Donation Of Their Money And Time